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About Dr. Palmer

Dr. Palmer was born and raised through high school in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  He fortunately received a four-year football scholarship to Kansas University in Lawrence, Kansas where he received a B.S. in Education with a major in Physical Education.  He then played 3 years of professional football in the Canadian Football league under NFL Hall of Fame Coach Bud Grant.  He retired from football to enter dental school at the University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC).  After graduation with a D.D.S. degree, he did a one-year hospital internship at Montifiore Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA.  During that year he married Shirley.  They celebrated their 30th anniversary in Oct. 2000.  They have no children (flunked dog raising - spoiled him too much).  Returned to Kansas City where he is now retired from a full time family dentistry practice.

Contact By Mail Address:

doc2.jpg (49662 bytes)Dr. Brian Palmer
3401 W 121st St.
Leawood, Kansas
USA 66209

Professional experience and training: 

L.D. Pankey Institute - Key Biscayne, FL
Peter Dawson Seminars - St. Petersburg, FL
Institute for Myofunctional Therapy - Coral Gables, FL
Orthodontic training - St. Michael’s Hospital - Milw., WI

Professional organizations and membership: 

American Dental Association (ADA)
Missouri Dental Association (MDA)
Greater Kansas City Dental Association
Medical Associate La Leche League International
Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (ADSM)
Consultant for several local hospital sleep centers  

Articles published Find them here.

Presentations:  Dr. Palmer has given international, national and state presentations on the importance of breastfeeding for the proper development of the oral cavity, airway and facial form; infant caries; why tight frenulums need to be addressed; the signs and symptoms, cause and prevention, and treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea; and basics of dentistry not taught in dental schools.


Ballroom dancing, golf, scuba diving, biking, skiing, researching, traveling, and walking the beaches of the world. 

Athletic achievements: