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Brian Palmer, D.D.S.

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For Better Health!

On this web site are slide presentations and articles that cover:  the significance of sleep apnea and how it might be prevented, the importance of breastfeeding for the proper development of our species, the issue of infant caries and breastfeeding, why tight frenulums need to be addressed, otitis media, SIDS, and basic dental issues.  I share this informationInternational Breastfeeding Symbol with you in hopes that it might encourage others to continue on with the research, or maybe help some individuals better understand the health problems they might be facing.  If this information is beneficial to you, please pass it on to others.  

If you have a relative, friend or colleague who you think might be interested in visiting this site, click here.  You will be given a window for your email server where you can send a short message about this site.  Our web site address will be in the subject line.

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If you have any comments or opinions about the website that you would like to send Dentistry Enblemto Dr. Palmer, please feel free to do so in the Guestbook/Comment section of this site.

The information on this website is not designed to diagnose or make any recommendations for treatment for anyone.  The site is designed for educational purposes only.  Everyone needs to consult with their own personal health care provider before making any health changing decisions.  I am hopeful however, this website will help make for a wiser consumer.

Breathing well, sleeping well and breastfeeding infants are three key ingredients to good health, feeling better and reducing health-care costs for everyone – including insurance companies and governments.  This website addresses all 3 of these principles.  These principles apply to all people no matter the race, religion, color, country, culture, sex or age.Sleep Symbol 

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Since these principles apply to all people, I would like to make the information on this website available to as many people in the world as possible.  If you have the interest and ability to translate the information on this website into a different language, please contact me.  Once translated, I will place the translated information onto this site in the “International Room” so others from many countries may read the research as well.  I can always be contacted through the ‘Guestbook/Comments’ section on this site.

Brian Palmer, D.D.S.

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Dr. Palmer gave a webinar on Dec. 27, 2011 on: "The Evolution of Malocclusion and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)." This webinar illustrates how breastfeeding can reduce the risk of developing malocclusions that put individuals at risk for developing OSA. The signs, symptoms, treatment options and possible prevention of OSA are also discussed. For links to the recordings and slides of Dr. Palmer’s webinar, click here.

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Dr. Palmer passed away in March, 2012, but a Facebook page has been established for those who wish to share stories about their experiences with him, share their condolences to his wife and to mourn his loss. You will find his Facebook page here.

This website will remain in existence as long as it is being used. That was the wish of Dr. Palmer. Please make good use of his research. It would have pleased him very much!!

Also, for those of you who are familiar with this site, Dr. Palmer has listed many links on his "Links" page. If you find any links that are out of date or that need to be updated to a new URL, please notify the webmaster at webmaster@imagesplus.net.

Thank you!!

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